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Art Packing and Shipping

At Saclmovers, we know that your fine art and antiques are irreplaceable. Our Art Solutions team is fully versed in the latest techniques in the handling, packing and transport of art and antiques. We have over 15 years’ experience with art packing and shipping, including custom conservation packing and crating. Our knowledgeable, reliable and conscientious specialists will always treat your art and antiques with the respect they deserve and the care they require.

Our art movement services include:

  1. Customised Conservation Packing and Crating
  2. Museum Exhibits Removals and Relocations
  3. Domestic Transportation
  4. International Air and Sea Shipping
  5. Local and International Courier
  6. Installation and Disassembly
  7. Customs Clearance
  8. Protection Coverage

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