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Corporate Social Responsibility

Respect is Our Corporate Responsibility Brand

Saclmovers Relocation has signed the UN Global Compact and publishes an annual progress report according the ten UN principles of sustainability and corporate citizenship.

We are encouraged that customers, staff and other stakeholders are showing keen interest in the sustainability efforts of the group. After many years of investment and embedding sustainability into the company culture, we are well placed to meet and exceed customer expectations on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our CSR strategy contains five prioritised areas:

Ethics and Behavior

Binding guidelines with the aim of ensuring that all employees perform their duties in accordance with the Saclmovers Relocation’s business ethics.

Supplier Standards

Ethical standards that suppliers must follow. The Saclmovers Group will ensure that these standards are, at a minimum, in compliance with the UN Global Compact.

Health and Safety

Ensure a healthy working environment for all employees


Assume responsibility for reducing the environmental footprint.


Maintain a zero tolerance approach to anti-corruption in all its forms.

Governance Structure

CSR is an integral part of daily business operations and decision making at the Saclmovers Relocation. The governance structure is led by a sustainability team who align sustainability objectives, implement programmes and sharing best practices. The team consists of members in each region with overall responsibility held by the Saclmovers Relocation’s CFO.

For further information on Corporate Social Responsibility and Saclmovers Relocation, please see the latest Communication on Progress Report:

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