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Art Exhibition & Project Management

Exhibiting artwork can be a huge organisational and technical challenge, particularly when transporting and exhibiting priceless artworks overseas.

Saclmovers’s specialist Art Solutions team can create tailored art exhibitions from concept and planning through to full implementation, offering effective management of every aspect of your project.

By eliminating the need for multiple contractors, we provide seamless, integrated art services that result in cost-effective, efficient and successful projects, all while maintaining the highest standards of execution and presentation.

Our Art Solutions team is led by managers with over 15 years’ experience managing, curating, and organising art exhibitions and special art activities around the world.

Saclmovers art exhibition and project management services

  1. Curatorial Concept and Exhibition Planning
  2. Exhibition Budgeting
  3. Exhibition Sponsorship
  4. Public Relations and Communications
  5. Publishing Exhibition Materials
  6. Local Transport and International Air and Sea Freight
  7. Static and Transit Protection Coverage
  8. Customs Clearance for Fine Art and Antiques
  9. Exhibition Installation and Disassembly
  10. Carpentry and Fabrication
  11. Framing
  12. Photographic and Video Documentation
  13. Exhibition Opening and Related Events
  14. Exhibition Manpower
  15. Security Services
  16. Traveling Exhibitions

Saclmovers installation and disassembly services

  1. Risk Assessments
  2. License and Permit Applications
  3. Professional Engineer Certifications
  4. Liaising with Stakeholders and Owners
  5. Local and International Exhibitions
  6. Traveling Exhibitions
  7. Exterior Site Installations
  8. Light, Audio and Video Art Installations
  9. Conceptual Works of Art
  10. Antique Art and Displays
  11. Crane Elevated Art Installations
  12. Lighting Requirements
  13. Audio and Video Requirements
  14. Customized Plinths, Bases and Stands
  15. Photographic and Video Documentation

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