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Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment - FF&E

Saclmovers has been providing FF&E fit-outs and hotel installations services for over 30 years. We are fluent in all aspects of the furniture, fixture and equipment (FF&E) project management and the coordination process.

We have a comprehensive understanding of all factors that require consideration during the fit out process. This covers everything from procurement, manufacturing, quality control, logistics, unpacking and installation right through to project completion in whichever business environment you operate in.

Our extensive range of FF&E services includes:

Incorporation of furniture handling, project management and FF&E control to ensure sure all aspects of your fit-out are carried out on time, to your satisfaction

  1. Shipping and transportation
  2. Overseas logistics including customs clearance & quarantine
  3. Storage in Saclmovers’s secure warehouses
  4. Safe delivery
  5. Placement as per the floor plan, including electrical, glassware, kitchen and linen packs
  6. Fixing and assembly of items as you require; such as art, mirrors, bed heads, safes etc.
  7. Final sign-off for each room/area, ensuring complete accountability for all items
  8. Our unique inventory control system providing you with a complete audit trail from initial receipt until final sign-off
  9. Established relationships with furniture manufacturers and suppliers in Australia and globally
  10. Comprehensive reporting

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