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Special Projects

Special Projects

With years of experience managing thousands of special projects throughout Europe and across the globe, Saclmovers is uniquely qualified to coordinate the requirements of your upcoming special project.

We have relationships with developers, builders, FF&E consultants and industry suppliers. Our extensive contingency planning can help mitigate any risks of disruption or delay, helping ensure the smooth and successful completion of your project — and saving you valuable time and money.

Allow Saclmovers to undertake the professional coordination of all aspects of your project:

  1. Hotels, Motels and Resorts
  2. Serviced Apartments
  3. Hospitals
  4. Correctional Facilities
  5. Military Facilities
  6. Art Galleries
  7. Off Shore and Eco Friendly Facilities
  8. Educational Establishments
  9. Aged Care Developments
  10. Student Accommodation
  11. Mining Camp Accommodation
  12. Stadiums and Convention Centres
Saclmovers’s Special Projects team will:
  1. Contact with suppliers to confirm delivery schedules and any necessary follow-ups
  2. Accurately record all items received in our FF&E database reporting system
  3. Provide secure storage in Saclmovers’s warehouses
  4. Complete full pre-install inspections
  5. Arrange transportation to site
  6. Distribute FF&E via computer-generated schedules saving time and avoiding error
  7. Coordinate placement as per the floor plan, including electrical, glassware, kitchen and linen packs
  8. Coordinate fixing and assembly of items as agreed, such as art, mirrors, beds, safes etc.
  9. Remove all debris from the site and dispose of it according to environmental guidelines
  10. Provide full wipe -down service for all installed products
  11. Provide final sign-off for each room/area, ensuring complete accountability for all items
  12. Ensure that all work is done in full compliance with local safety regulations and produce of relevant safety documentation as needed

Additionally, if you and your business require consultative planning advice, indicative budget estimates, storage solutions for existing hotel furniture, international logistics management or arranging testing and tagging of electrical goods Saclmovers can certainly assist you.

Whether you project is large or small, Saclmovers has the expertise and experience to meet your special project management requirements.

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